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DDH-Partners is a corporate finance advisory firm created in 2004 in the South of France working principally in Europe, North America and Asia by leveraging the partners cultural and business background. We are committed to develop long term relationships with our clients



The Knowledge Management activities are underpinned by our strategic analysis acumen, financial advisory experience and value creation related practices.

Training & Seminars

Through lectures, corporate training sessions and seminars, we aim to bridge the knowledge gap between academics and day-to-day business operations. We provide this training services to participants who are looking forward to enhancing their competitive profile, acquiring a better apprehension of strategic business development issue and gaining a fair appreciation of financial rationale.


We work in a wide variety of formats, one to one or for teams, tailor-made punctually for corporate universities, in French or in English.

To ensure that participants quickly assimilate sometimes complex notions, we put them in situation via practical cases that bring them as close as possible to the reality and practices of the moment.



The Consulting activities focus on providing financial and strategic advisory services in line with the business development objectives of our clients. We work with large corporation, high growth companies but also startups. We leverage our global network of experts to look at potential opportunities and enhance the competitive position of our clients.

Audit & Advisory

Our general corporate development consulting services dedicated to management teams include:

  • Audits : Aiming to analyze the competitive position of our client using tailored corporate finance and strategic diagnostics in regards to their concerns such as International development (mainly in Asia and North America), the Transfer pricing obligation (in collaboration with our legal partner), or financial performance (for valuation purpose).

  • Advisory : Providing adequate executive recommendations to enhance value or competitive positioning in targeted markets, and collaborating operationally to implement, execute and share with our clients the success of our proposals


Nature réfléchissant sur le verre de cristal


Because each project has its own strengths and weaknesses, scientific background, opportunities and risks, and of course  people, we provide the necessary know-how to leverage our clients assets and mitigate the risks so potential investors can seize the opportunity to work with them.

Financing & Investment

We bring the following services for companies and investors :

  • Transaction Advisory: providing both buyer and seller an appropriate approach to conduct and structure the complex process from due diligence and valuation to deal negotiation and final closing.

  • Growth Options: for both hi-tech and high growth driven companies, we seek adequate financing options and leverage international funding  opportunities to accelerate the value creation roadmap of our clients.

  • Corporate Finance: based on best practices developed at GE, we offer a process driven methodology to provide adequate support to company looking at Mergers and Acquisitions and other Corporate Venturing Projects.

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