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About Us

DDH-Partners is a corporate finance advisory firm created in 2004 in the South of France working principally in Europe, North America and Asia leveraging the partners cultural and business background.

About: Headliner

Pierre Casanova


+25 years of international experience in M&A, corporate investment portfolio management in high technology firms board member of various private companies 1999 (USA France).
Pierre worked internationally for GE Capital leading deals in M&A in Europe and in the US from
1994 to 1999 Joining GE Equity he worked on completing more than 250 M investments in hi tech companies from 1998 to 2004 Back in France, Pierre has lead with DDH Partners various consulting projects in M&A in the US and in France He has also raised funds for local start ups in medical devices, engineering, and internet.

Pierre is also currently Head of the MSc in Corporate Finance at Kedge Business School.

MBA Stern School of Management at New York University (USA)  and BS in Physical Science from University of Sussex (UK).

About: About

Chun Chun Garbit

+15 years of international experience in innovation financing, strategic and financial advisory and
cross border projects. 
Since 2006 Chun Chun has been involved in innovative technology based entrepreneurship funding and firm acquisition projects in fields such as medical device, air depollution or online social network.  She also extends DDH Partner’s consultancy coverage to Asia and leads cross border projects for medium sized and public quoted firms.


In addition of consulting activities, she has been instructors in financial and business management
institutions since 2008 at Aix-Marseille University .


Chun Chun was founding partner and board member of Carewave Shielding Technologies, a company specialized in designing large surface focused electromagnetic interference shielding solutions, and member of TPEA (Taiwan Private Equity Association).

Masters of Management International Finance IAE Graduate Business School at Aix en Provence France.

Who We Help

C-level executives, entrepreneurs and investors searching for professional expertise to help them to create value in their development strategies.

How We Do It

We provide deliverables focused methodology by applying strategic analysis, financial modeling simulations & quantitative analytical researches.

What's in It for You

International development with a flexible and proactive  working support, allowing you to stay focus on your core competences & competitive advantages.

About: Services
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