DDH Partners is a consulting firm speclialized in strategic and financial advisory for small and medium sized enterprises and developing start-ups.
The firm's action range primarily includes the following services :
  • * General corporate develpment consulting services dedicated to management teams.
  • * Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) intermediation.
  • * Innovative projects structuring and venture capital fund-raising.
Our philosophy as corporate finance and strategic advisors is to provide a proximity support and to build durable relations with our clients. We leverage the partners' experience and network to operate in France and internationally.

Pierre Casanova

Former Vice President at General Electric Capital in New York, Pierre Casanova brings 20 years of international experience in mergers & acquisitions, venture capital and investment portfolio management in high-technology firms. Specialized in providing strategic and financial support to innovative companies with high-growth potential in the areas of life sciences, engineer sciences and information technologies, Pierre has been sitting on the boards of various private enterprises in the United States and in France since 1999. He currently serves as a Board Director for Carewave Shielding Technologies, in which he also holds the position of CEO. Pierre has an MBA in...

Pierre Casanova

Chun Chun Garbit

Chun-Chun Garbit has an expertise in advising companies in the areas of life sciences, bio-cosmetics, optics and photonics as well as open source software. With her Taiwanese-French citizenship, she contributes 15 years of international experience in business development, strategic planning as well as innovation financing and management. Chun Chun has been an active board member of Carewave Shielding Technologies. She holds two Master’s degrees in management and finance from IAE Graduate Business School in Aix-en-Provence (France). She also has a diploma from Hsing Wu College of Commerce de Taipei (Taiwan).

Chun Chun Garbit

Guy Gensollen

Guy Gensollen brings 35 years of international experience in the development and the operational and strategic management of companies in the fields of computer and communications technologies. After 17 years at American firm Digital Equipment Corporation, he was appointed General Director of a subsidiary’s division at France Télécom. Later on he co-founded Completel, a telecom operator that became a leader in France, and served as Vice President for the Mediterranean region until the enterprise was sold. Today deeply involved in the local economic life, Guy is a Vice President and an active member of Provence Business Angels. Guy graduated from the French engineering school INSA...

Guy Gensollen


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